Cites Diana Szynal’s experience with government

I write to enthusiastically support Diana Szynal for state representative in the 1st Hampshire District. I have known her for over 25 years and have recently relied on her vast experience working with state and local government.

Diagnosed with ALS in January, 2017, I and my family have had to navigate the exhausting journey of medical appointments, insurance denials and applications for Medicare and retirement. Over the past several months, it has been more difficult for me to obtain information necessary to make important decisions regarding state retirement and state retiree health insurance. Szynal has been remarkable in responding to my requests for assistance in obtaining information necessary to protect my benefits as a longtime state employee.

Uncertain about how to proceed with Medicare as a former state employee, I received a telephone call from a state official in Boston within a few hours of my request. He took the time to discuss my situation and answer other health insurance questions.

Dealing with government at any level can be frustrating. Szynal’s experience and compassion, combined with contacts made over many years of service, make her an extraordinary candidate for state representative.

My family and I have been fortunate to have access to exceptional health care locally, in Boston and Worcester. Having people like Szynal in our corner makes this journey easier.

I encourage the voters of the 1st Hampshire District to support her candidacy and vote for her on Sept. 4.

Andrew Grimaldi


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