Late legislator’s son supports Diana Szynal

State Rep. Peter V. Kocot taught me many things in the 26 years I had the honor of having him as my dad.

He taught me humility, loyalty and responsibility. He taught me the importance of community, education and democracy. Most importantly, he taught me how to find people I can trust and rely on. He didn’t teach this through lectures or stories, he taught me this through the people he surrounded himself with, both personally and professionally.

Diana Szynal was one of those people. She has been one of those people since as long as I can remember. My father trusted her like family — and for good reason. She always has been a dedicated and focused community member and an advocate for the people living in the 1st Hampshire District.

She was with my dad every step of the way through his career as state representative, and there is no doubt that his campaigns and day-to-day responsibilities would have been impossible without her support, guidance and expertise.

Diana Szynal is beyond qualified for the position of state representative for the 1st Hampshire District. When I asked my dad who she was, and why he had brought her into his work, he responded: “You’ll see.”

I have seen, and I look forward to seeing what else she will accomplish as state representative.

Jake Kocot


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