Describes experience of O’Donnell and Szynal

The primary on Sept. 4 offers Democrats in the area a chance to express our values and support those best able to get things done for our region.

I’m particularly concerned with the races for state senator and representative, since both have no incumbent, and therefore require candidates that can bring relevant experience.

For state senator in the Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester District, I support (and will be writing in) Northampton City Council President Ryan O’Donnell. I lived in Ward 3 when he started as city councilor and have been lucky to be represented by him since then. I admire his work ethic, deep knowledge of regional government, and the fact that he’ll go on the record with hard choices and take the heat.

Government is the rare job that requires you to be accountable to everyone — O’Donnell has shown that he’s up to that task. He is the only candidate running for any of our local races with a legislative record, votes on budgets, and accountability for constituent services. If you feel the same, remember to write Ryan O’Donnell in for state senator.

For state representative in the 1st Hampshire District, I support Diana Szynal. I have had the pleasure of working with her through Rep. Peter Kocot’s office. She clearly knows the details of the job, and the way she’s stepped up in the last few months to try to fill his shoes has been admirable. I can’t wait to see what she does as state representative.

Being ready to do the job is the most important thing. Ryan O’Donnell and Diana Szynal have that experience and have earned my vote.

Louis Franco


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