Cites Diana Szynal’s knowledge of district

I am endorsing Diana Szynal for state representative in the 1st Hampshire District.

I have known and worked with her for the 16 years she worked under our late Rep. Peter Kocot. I could call her and ask to have Rep. Kocot get back to me as quickly as possible concerning issues that were of importance and I needed his help. She was very efficient in making that happen.

If Rep. Kocot could not attend Ward 6 meetings due to his busy schedule, Szynal would attend in his place. She would also come to meetings with Rep. Kocot to hear concerns of residents.

Szynal has the comprehensive understanding of the issues facing our district. She has worked tirelessly along with Rep. Kocot. She is dedicated, trusted by constituents in our district and fair, intelligent and hardworking.

She was taught by one of the most caring and trusted representatives in our district. Szynal was entrusted by Rep. Kocot to serve all his communities. She worked closely with local officials, state agencies and nonprofits.

Szynal will stand for affordable housing, equality and employment, education funding reform and transportation. She will be there to be a voice for the underprivileged, our veterans, farmers and the disabled.

She will be a strong voice at the Statehouse. Diana Szynal has the experience to lead. Come out and vote on Sept. 4.

Marianne LaBarge


The writer is Ward 6 city councilor.