Supports Diana Szynal and Jo Comerford

Aren’t we fortunate to have so many talented people running for two seats we never expected or wanted to have vacant. And now we need to decide who will fill those seats.

I’m supporting Diana Szynal for state representative in the 1st Hampshire District and and Jo Comerford for state Senate in the Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester District.

Sadly these days, one of the primary jobs of state government is to save us from the disastrous policies coming out of Washington. We need someone who understands and will fight for us on issues such as health care, gun control, environmental policy, quality public education and affordable higher education, women’s reproductive rights and the protection of immigrants.

But, we also need a state representative who can translate this concern into legislation and at the same time understand and work for the needs and interests of her constituents. I believe that person is Szynal. She knows how to translate policy into action and, having served as Peter Kocot’s aide for 16 years, she already knows how to provide caring and compassionate constituent service.

When Comerford announced that she would run as a write-in candidate for state Senate I felt as if I had been handed a gift: this talented, caring person was willing to serve as our state Senator. Comerford has devoted her career to working for social justice through her positions with the Food Bank, American Friends Service Committee, National Priorities Project and MoveOn.

She knows how government works and how to get things accomplished. She is ready to be our senator.

Please join me in voting for Diana Szynal and writing in Jo Comerford on Sept. 4.

Marjorie Hess


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