Diana is guided by the strong progressive values of the First Hampshire District and she will move forward legislation that will:



  • Diana is steadfast in her defense of EVERY individual’s right to live freely and openly without discrimination of any form. She is a strong defender of a woman’s right to choose which includes making sure every woman has safe and affordable access to birth control. 



  • As a mother of 3, Diana knows firsthand the importance and value of public education. She is both proud and grateful for the wonderful education her children receive in the Northampton and Hatfield Public Schools. Investing in our schools, teachers and students will be on the top of Diana’s list to fight for day in and day out in Boston. This includes a desire to fight for the best educational opportunities for our children from early childhood education programs through high school, including vocational education.
  • Diana will strive to support our public higher education system. Here in Massachusetts, we do a great job of offering varied public options for our young college students. From our local community colleges to larger universities like Westfield State we are able to provide a quality education at an affordable price, but we need to do more. We need to make sure that college is affordable for all students and we can do this by keeping our tuition rates low, our grants and scholarships accessible, and increasing loan forgiveness programs for students who choose careers in public service. She recognizes UMass as the flagship of our public higher education system and an economic driver here in Western Mass. We must keep it affordable while investing in it as a leading national research university.



  • Diana will be unflappable in protecting our most important resource which is our Earth. We should entertain carbon pricing as a way to reduce our impact on climate change and Massachusetts should lead the way in that area.
  • Diana supports clean energy initiatives and will support efforts to make solar energy affordable for low-income and middle class families.



  • Diana will work diligently to attract and support new and innovative business to the district and the region. Working hand in hand with the state to make smart investments to create an environment to more easily attract and retain businesses is something Diana has been doing throughout her career. Diana recognizes in particular the opportunity this area has for supporting the Green Economy. Attracting businesses to the First Hampshire District that are developing clean energy options will be a top priority. In addition to putting the First Hampshire District at the forefront of clean energy development, this will expand the tax base and bring quality jobs here for constituents.
  • In addition, Diana recognizes the passion we have in the First Hampshire District for small business. She will fully support agencies that incubate new and creative business opportunities for local entrepreneur’s.



  • Diana will fight to ensure that every citizen receives affordable, high quality health care. She supports a single payer system to bring down cost and increase quality of care. Diana supports safe staffing levels and will always be a strong advocate on behalf of our exceptional local nurses.
  • Any citizen who needs care for addiction or mental health reasons should be able to receive it. There should not be people on the outside of society who cannot find a place to turn to get the help they deserve. Our mental health system leaves much to be desired. Through her constituent work Diana is well aware of the lack of clinicians in our area, particularly those who are bilingual. The shortage of beds for people needing services relating the addiction or mental health situations is unacceptable.



  • Whether it is seniors, veterans, folks who are lower income, children, undocumented immigrants or those with developmental disabilities Diana will fight tooth and nail to ensure their well-being and protect and expand services to care for these folks. This includes a commitment to better compensation of those working on the front lines of social service agencies and the heroes of our foster care system.
  • Diana is a passionate supporter of matters relating to food security and will fully support programs like Healthy Incentives that provide quality food to constituents in need.  Additionally she will be a champion for SNAP and MEFAP and WIC. There is no excuse for hunger in the First Hampshire District.
  • Diana believes that everyone should have the option to live in safe and affordable housing in the community that they want to live, work, stay and play in.
  • Diana supports agencies such as ServiceNet, Stavros, Starlight and many others that provide critical services to both children and adults with developmental disabilities.   Her years of working with both constituents and local non-profits has made her particularly sensitive to the worries of parents who have adult aged children with disabilities. Diana will passionately promote programs that provide services such as employment and training to these amazing individuals.



  • Growing up in the beautiful farming town of Hatfield has given Diana a true appreciation for the value of agriculture here in the Pioneer Valley. Farms keep our fertile land open and productive, they contribute to our local economy, they preserve the historic agricultural atmosphere we all love here and they provide us glorious and bountiful fruits and vegetables. Diana’s husband Jim grew up on a farm so she knows firsthand the struggles our farmers face. She will work tirelessly to insure that our local farms stay competitive by supporting programs that encourage them to retain their farmland, offer incentives to diversify their business operations and encourage beneficial programs like CISA and the Buy Local Initiative. Diana will in particular work to keep our struggling dairy farms operating.



  • We have several long term projects on the radar screen here in Western Mass. Diana will support the increase of service along the recently upgraded North-South rail line. More importantly she will support the creation of an East-West rail line that will finally connect the western and eastern sides of this Commonwealth. This will benefit the District economically, educationally and culturally.
  • Diana will support a much more functional and accessible public transportation system here. It’s time that funding for PVTA reaches the level necessary for them to provide adequate service to our citizens.
  • Diana will support the renovation and expansion of the Holyoke Soldiers Home. She is very committed to making sure that our aging veteran population has a safe and comfortable place to go where they can receive exceptional care. The current building is old, creates difficulties for nurses with patient care, and there is a need for a larger unit for dementia patients.
  • Diana will also work to build a centralized court building in the District that will consolidate services, save money and be easier for our citizens as they handle court matters or serve as jurors.


Diana has given 16 years of dedication and service to the First Hampshire District and she pledges to remain dedicated to the district for the rest of her career. This promise is important because proper service of the District requires a long term commitment. These priorities are a good example of that. They won’t happen overnight, but she pledges to see them through.